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If you want to borrow a book you have to make the borrowing online request.
You will be able to pick up the book at the library desk the next opening day.
Before making the request, check if the book is also available in ebook version.

Harvard design school guide to shopping


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PMICA@Bib. Campus Leonardo


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No copy available for loan
Document booking

Document for internal consultation only

Inventory ACA 10896
holding BCA 307.33316 HARDSG a
Notes 1 v. (2. copia)

Document already borrowed. To be returned by 17/05/2021

Inventory 47986
holding BCA 307.33316 HARDSG

Document not available for loan

Document in quarantine

The documents with shelfmark ABC GN will be available as follows:
for borrowing: if requested by midnight documents may be collected at the Leonardo Campus Library from the next working day at 3 pm (the documents required on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be available from 3pm on Monday);
for INTERNAL consultation only: write to

Inventory 00A 2675
holding ABC GN 25.81

Document for internal consultation only

Inventory 00N 18126
holding BC COM III. 003608
Notes 1 v. (3. copia)