Sebina OpenLibrary Personal Area


Sebina Open Library offers users a Personal area portal.
With Sebina OpenLibrary, the Politecnico libraries implementing Personal area services open an ongoing and relaxed dialogue with the users, which can be accessed from any connected workstation, even from home.
The section dedicated to users is in constant contact contact with the section reserved for librarians: this means that library staff see requests, reservations, extensions and suggestions, in real time.

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N.B.: It is recommended that only the software navigation buttons, and not the browser buttons, be used for navigation within Sebina OpenLibrary

back button

the back button returns to the previously viewed page.
Alternatively, the esc button for the current window may be used.

login/logout button

The login/logout button allows access to the University AUnicaLogin (AUL) system identification page, where by entering your username and password it is possible to enter your own Personal area.

help button

The help button allows access to the on-line help page

home button

The home button returns to the home page

search button

The search button runs a search, according to the parameters entered in the search window.
To confirm the data entered and the parameters selected, it is necessary to use the “search” button and not the "enter" button.

confirm button

The confirm button validates the data and parameters entered in the current window. This button must be used to confirm the data and parameters entered

cancel button

The cancel button cancels the contents of all fields in the current window

esc button

the esc button returns to the previously viewed page.
Alternatively, the back button may be used.

scroll button scroll button scroll button scroll button

The first page, previous page and next page, last page scroll buttons allow moving around the pages containing the results list. The presence of other pages, other than those viewed, is highlighted by indicating the number of contextual results with respect to the total (e.g.: 1-5 of 15)

sort button (increasing)sort button (decreasing)

The increasing and decreasing sort buttons allow the list of results displayed to be sorted in increasing or decreasing alphabetical order


The TAB key on the keyboard allows moving between data insertion fields in the current window


Fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory

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Once authenticated, the user can access the Personal area directly ("personal area" button on the OPAC page) and the start page opens showing the services envisaged from the user's profile. From then on, being inside the user's private area, the user will see their surname-name, and can access the services envisaged in "my space":

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Once inside, there are various menu options:


It is possible to view messages the library has sent to the reader.


The situation regarding current loans, document reservations, loan requests and purchase recommendations can be found here.
Politecnico institutional users, registered using the AUL system, are authorised for loan services in all University Librarian System libraries and department libraries implementing SOL administered user services (see the list in the section "Which libraries offer Personal area services.
Your user status may be viewed from any individual library: first of all it is thus necessary to select the library of reference from the drop-down menu, where only the libraries where the user has ongoing activities are visible.
The user may cancel loan and reservation requests. It is recommended this operation be performed each time a request or reservation is no longer required, to allow other users access to the document.
Users can extend a book loan where the expiry date is close. The "extend loan" button is only available from the third day prior to loan expiry and is no longer available beyond the date of expiry itself (e.g.: if the loan expires on the 10th, the button will be active from the 7th to the 10th, it will no longer be active from the 11th onwards). If another user has made a reservation for the loaned item to be extended, the extend item is not active.


The user will find the searches made and saved in Sebina Opac.
It is possible to activate them once more without re-entering any search parameters. In addition, it is possible to cancel searches that are no longer of interest by selecting them and clicking the "delete" button.


It is possible to find documents saved in your bibliographies from Sebina Opac. It is possible to view the file of the documents saved in a bibliography by clicking the title.
It is possible to remove documents no longer of interest from the bibliography by selecting them and clicking the “delete” button.
Once all the documents are deleted from a bibliography, the bibliography may also be deleted.
In addition, it is possible to add new documents to a previously saved bibliography (this function is available when saving documents in a bibliography, directly from OPAC).


It is possible to recommend the library of reference purchase a document that is of interest, not currently present in the library. The library will decide whether or not to purchase the document requested depending on financial availability, consistency with its collection, or also the potential availability of the document from another Politecnico library.
The request is made by completing a form, in which at least the title and information regarding the library to which the request should be addressed, are obligatory. Again in this case, first of all it is necessary to select the library of reference from the drop-down menu.
The library will inform the user whether the document may be acquired or not: the message will be visible from within the users own reader status.


The user can fill in the form and loan from other libraries books not available in Politecnico libraries. The service is charged.

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Also, from the user's own personal area (in addition to simply connecting to opac) it is also possible to access the search home page within the Politecnico on-line catalogue.

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The following libraries have implemented Personal area services:

(situation at 15/4/2013)

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With Polimi Library you can search the Politecnico libraries online catalog (OPAC check if  a book is available and access some Personal Area services.
Click here to find out more or go directly to the installation page:
 iPhone and iPad Application Android application

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A time-out is envisaged for Personal area services web-portal user sessions.
If a public workstation is used, it is recommended you always logout (login/logout button logout button from the menu at the top right).
This is the only way to be sure other users are not accessing services using user credentials active from previous sessions.

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